Bordeaux and South West
Domaine Cosse Maisonneuve
Catherine Maisonneuve & Matthieu Cosse
La Combe de Montayroux - 46700 MAUROUX
T. +33(0)6 12 74 70 82 (Matthieu COSSE)
T. +33(0)6 78 79 57 10 (Catherine MAISONNEUVE.)

We settled down in Cahors in 1999. Our vineyard spreads across 42 acres and 2 AOC's. The whole vineyard is exclusively biodynamically managed because this state of the art agronomical method ensures that wine aromas and flavours will deliver their best possible message and terroir typical character. Biodynamic viticulture guarantees soil regeneration and conveys precision and depth to the wines.

Our wine philosophy : Wine is an ambassador from a given area and tells part of the French history whereas we are only ephemeral interpreters of a geological partition.
Our definition of wine : We want it to be lively, terroir specific and with soul so that it is true and genuine to the consumer. We aim at making it enjoyable, easily digestible, subtle and elegant. We believe in non-­invasive winemaking and do not process our wines or impose anything on their characters.

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Pour plus de renseignements, contacter Estelle Bidault au 06 73 91 77 79 ou
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