Domaine Stéphane Tissot
Stéphane Tissot
39600 Montigny-les-Arsures
T. 03 84 66 08 27
F. 03 84 66 25 08

A wine made with love and passion produces an emotion... You can find in a wine the personality and the character of those who made it because each gesture, each operation, each decision has its importance.
The "life force" is so well constructed that if we speak of natural wines, you will not find two wines that are the same anywhere in the world, as opposed to industrial wines which are all similar. The way we work requires lots of effort on the part of our team. 15 people work full-time all year long aided by several students in the summer and in September, by 50 harvesters.

Finally, we have many new projects, from the creation of new cuvées to replanting vineyards like the Clos de la Tour de Curon, without forgetting our desire to constantly increase the quality of the wines which is our principal motivation.

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Pour plus de renseignements, contacter Estelle Bidault au 06 73 91 77 79 ou info@tontons-trinqueurs.com
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